A New Concept for Preschool Education

1-inquiry-roomThe learning spaces at New Horizons Preschool have been thoughtfully designed to reflect the values and educational philosophy of our program. Unique architecture creates pathways to dynamic and wonder-filled learning environments where children express their understandings through various modes of creative expression.

2-lignt-investigationsAt the core of our unique design is the implementation of flexible learning studios to redefine traditional ideas of classroom-based learning. Rich learning environments filled with authentic experiences and open-ended materials, are intentionally designed and regarded as the ‘third teacher’. Each interior and exterior space is a potential place for learning to inspire children’s curiosity and to create an inclusive environment.

8-art-studioOur educational environment is a realisation of spaces, forms, functions and materials that support children’s relationships, listening, curiosity and sense of wonder, to create a motivating and animating force for learning and wellbeing.

7-libraryThe learning spaces and environments at New Horizons Preschool articulate the values we hold for the educational experience we offer, and advocates for the multiple types of intelligences that are expressed by the unique community of learners and families we serve.