Preschool & Inquire 5 Programs

Our Preschool Program for 3 year old children is available to all families interested in innovative early education for their child.

Inquire5 is our specialist program for creative and independent thinkers, and is available to all families looking for a 4 to 5 year old enrichment program for their child.

4-inquire-5-classroomBoth our Preschool and Inquire5 programs place children at the centre of all learning and fosters their inherent desire to make new discoveries and explore the world by creating rich learning environments that provoke children’s sense of inquiry.

Our programs support a variety of interests and explorations, to provoke curiosity and stimulate inquiry, to empower autonomy and independence, to promote communication and self-expression, and to foster a system of meaningful relationships.

Our programs are purposefully constructed to provide a rich context for learning – inviting children’s collaboration, research and relationships based on the reciprocal rights, participation and interests of all children and adults.