Professional Learning Map Series

At New Horizons we value collaboration and dialogue with colleagues from a variety of early education settings, and our experienced team are passionate about working in context with the Reggio Emilia Educational Project and Inquiry Pedagogies. We aim to offer engaging opportunities for continuous professional development and reflective practice and are delighted to share our professional learning map series.

Available courses and workshops are listed below:

A Desire to Change

An interactive workshop to guide and support educators who are interested in or already on their journey of an inquiry based approach in the early years sector.

This workshop examines a range of strategies which aim to support educators to re-imagine their learning environment and design possible pathways for learning. Our day includes support preparing classroom environments, planning for inquiry and working collaboratively with families, children and colleagues.

Hundred Languages of the Atelier

Exploring the possibility of materials to support the Hundred Languages. This full day workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore a variety of materials which support and enhance children’s learning. A particular focus will be on making connections and developing relationships.

Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside our Aterlierista during the morning session and we will examine some theoretical perspectives and a current project during the afternoon.

Using Technology to Support and Enhance Reflective Practice

This full day workshop examines practical strategies and (free) IT platforms which can be used to support reflective practice and documentation. We include opportunities to explore G Suite (Google), Evernote and other apps which staff at New Horizons utilise to support collaboration, connection, documentation, reflection and communication.

Connecting Theory and Practice

Creating a community of learners through the lens of an inquiry project.

Everything we do is underpinned by relationships – by connecting with others, connecting with materials, connecting with place and connecting theory and practice. This workshop examines how we draw on socio-cultural theories to better connect to everyday practice as we work alongside children in our current settings.

Cities are for Living …

A narrative of children’s participation and connection with the city of Hobart.

Please join our experienced team of practitioners for a full day professional development opportunity as we explore and unpack our Inquiry Project, ‘Cities are for Living’.

Our day explores how we guide an inquiry from initial wonderings, planning, reflection, documentation and working alongside the children through to a completed inquiry. Participants will also have an opportunity to explore our environments and examine documentation.

Dialogue with Spaces – Lenah Valley or Battery Point Campus

Are you interested in joining us to explore our educational context and how we draw inspiration from our colleagues in Reggio Emilia and the Reggio Emilia Educational Project? Would you like to tour our environment, examine some of our documentation, ongoing inquiry projects and talk to our experienced team?

Please contact Mel Hilder for more information, pricing and available dates.

Consultancy and Tailored PL Courses

We have PL sessions which we can tailor to suit your requirements or come and work with your team in your own setting.

Please contact Mel Hilder for more information, pricing and available dates.

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