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A school for innovative early education

New Horizons Preschool is an independent private preschool and our quality learning program for 3 to 5 year old children is unique to Tasmania. Our individualised program brings a strong sense of learning, support and wellbeing to your child to foster a love of life-long learning as they begin the journey into their school years.

Through passionate and dedicated educators, your child learns confidence, communication, social interaction, introduction to organised activities and routines and the freedom to become their own identity. We provide the freedom for children to attempt and master independence, creativity and initiative, thereby fostering a positive self esteem in the child, and respect for self and others.

New Horizons Preschool is a school community for creative and independent thinkers, and an exciting place where children explore the rich possibilities of childhood. We offer families high quality education and support in our unique and inspirational learning environment.

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