Our Children

At New Horizons we view children as:

… competent
… curious
… citizens
… creative
… collaborators and co-constructors
… communicators
… celebrators

“I love New Horizons because everything is calm and beautiful. New Horizons is just a lovely school. New Horizons is basically a little home. A home of friends, but we aren’t related.”

Tobias 5 yrs

New Horizons is special because people love each other here. I just love coming to school on my days. In my heart I feel it. I feel love for this school. It’s special because there are so many kind people.

Ivy 5 yrs

We’re actually a family, a New Horizons family because we’re making new friends and then if we only had one person they would be all alone, but at New Horizons we’re all making friends and that connects us and makes us a family.

Pranay 4 yrs

“We don’t have to rush … we never need to rush here.”

Teddy 4 yrs

“Respect when people are talking! You don’t say “that’s not interesting” because people have different ideas.”

Frida 5 yrs

“Just like builders, we all work together by building or fixing something. We have a job and work together to get the job done.”

Atticus 4 yrs

“Listening is hearing something important. Hearing is hearing what’s going on. They are different.”

Lewis 5 yrs

“Lots of people mix together to get the job done and we always get the job done. It’s actually hard. But we slowly figure it out through the days… not just one day”

Sidney 4 yrs

“We solve mysteries, problems, pretty much everything we do during the day is problem solving. We solve things all by our self or with our teachers helping us.”

Tobias 5 yrs

“We have worked this out together – we are not doing one plan with one person, but we make a big plan with lots of people. If a person has a plan and we all agree, then that is what we are doing. We work out our problems, not with the teachers, if we can sort it out we sort it out … sometimes it is with the teachers.

One person argues with another and then another person says ‘yes, that is a good idea’… so we are having a conversation. We talk about what we are doing. You have to have an idea, you just talk with the other children, like what we are doing now, and then if everybody talks about it and if lots of people like the idea then we do that!

We all came up with this idea together!”

Jack B 4 yrs, Trilby 4 yrs, Evie H 5 yrs, Madelyn 4 yrs, Evie LB 4 yrs

“Friendships are complicated to do

Ivy 4 yrs

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