Our Children

At New Horizons we view children as:

… competent
… curious
… citizens
… creative
… collaborators and co-constructors
… communicators
… celebrators

“We have worked this out together – we are not doing one plan with one person, but we make a big plan with lots of people. If a person has a plan and we all agree, then that is what we are doing. We work out our problems, not with the teachers, if we can sort it out we sort it out … sometimes it is with the teachers.

One person argues with another and then another person says ‘yes, that is a good idea’… so we are having a conversation. We talk about what we are doing. You have to have an idea, you just talk with the other children, like what we are doing now, and then if everybody talks about it and if lots of people like the idea then we do that!

We all came up with this idea together!”

Jack B 4 yrs, Trilby 4 yrs, Evie H 5 yrs, Madelyn 4 yrs, Evie LB 4 yrs

“We have a block room, a classroom and a dark room. In the block room we can do building and in the light room we do building too. The light room is dark and it has lights, like sparkly ones that go around. It has tables to build on, those tables have lights on them. They are light tables. We have an inquiry room where we talk about stuff.”

Evie G 4 yrs, Archie K 4 yrs, Maggie 5 yrs

“In the art room we paint and draw. There is a water play room, there are sea animals, crocodiles, sharks, fish and whales. There is water in the tubs and we can play in there, but you can’t put your body in there.

In the classroom we relax and we have meetings. We read stories and we play and sometimes we have paintings in the classroom. We have a waving window too! It is to wave to your parents when they go.”

Sophie J 5 yrs, Pepi 4 yrs, Posy 5 yrs

“We don’t have to rush … we never need to rush here.”

Teddy & Frida 4 yrs

“When I first started I remember Annabelle, Evie and Madelyn, Vivienne and Trilby. You might say ‘would you like to play with me?’,  and then they will say ‘yes’….”

George 4 yrs

“If someone says ‘no’ you can say ‘that is ok, I can play with someone else’. Instead of the teacher working it out you can do that by your self.”

Annabelle 5 yrs

“If you like to play with someone, then you can ask them to come and play with you. You can have more than one friend, you can have, ummmm, maybe nine friends.”

Anneliese 5 yrs

“Sometimes people don’t play together, but they are still friends. We are still friends even though we don’t play together.”

Ari 4 yrs

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