Our Curriculum

New Horizons Preschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool which draws on Inquiry approaches and the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

Every year Inquiry journeys are different and reflect the interests of each particular class of children.

The role of the Educator

The role of the Educator is to co-research alongside and to listen to the children’s voices. As the Educators observe, document and reflect on the theories and interests of the children they are able to work collaboratively to examine the many possible pathways of an inquiry. Our Educators focus on the process of learning valuing experimentation and exploration rather than focusing on a final outcome or product.

What is Documentation?

Teachers document the learning process, experiences, ideas and thinking. Documentation includes but is not limited to notes, scribing, photographs, videos and artifacts that the children have made themselves. Educators and children use documentation to reflect on the learning process, to provoke thinking, to explore possible ways forward and to plan the next stage of an inquiry.

Documentation gives parents, children and Educators a shared language and understanding of the process. It helps to connect children’s wondering, ideas, theories and work with a project. It gives voice to the children’s work and illustrates to them that their work is of value.

Documentation is holistic and respectful, it forms part of an ongoing, authentic assessment cycle.

Inquiry Projects

Projects can arise from the interests of the group or classroom community including Educators and families. As these interests emerge, Educators provide provocations for exploration using multiple languages. Projects may last for days, months or even a year. When children are actively engaged in the process the learning is more meaningful and authentic. Educators provide practical opportunities to examine concepts, make connections, problem solve and go deeper with their learning.

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