Our Aim

  • Create engaging and inspiring learning environments
  • Focus on creating relationships, making connections and establishing dialogue
  • Make time for play, reflection, listening, engagement, learning
  • Slow down! Children need time to consolidate their learning; reorganise and make sense of their world
  • Listen, document and work alongside the children as co-researchers
  • Focus on the learning rather than the teaching, to understand better the process rather than the product
  • Respect and embrace the many points of view, ideas, theories and suggestions of individual children as well as the ‘the group’
  • Encourage and support the children to work together during play and inquiry. Entrust the children to solve problems
  • Empower the children to move through the day with confidence and self direction
  • Provide the foundations for active citizenship
  • Offer creative experiences that are collaborative
  • Create time and space for the children to experiment with open-ended, creative, flexible materials
  • Inspire a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity

An important aim … is to help students ‘learn how to learn’… the construction of knowledge is a subjective process that proceeds in a spiraling rather than linear or stagelike way.

Children sometimes work with teachers, and sometimes without them, projects are sometimes short, and sometimes long. The curriculum is … based on more flexible strategies than rigid plans.

I like to use the metaphor of taking a journey, where one finds the way using a compass rather than taking a train with it’s fixed routes and schedules.

C. Rinaldi, The Hundred Languages 2nd ed, 1998, p 119

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